As I often like to give away items for free to help promote a newly supported item or service, then I have added this page to give details of my latest (insane?) offers.

In the past I have sometimes even given away items worth more than the total of the customer's order, which means that for the wise customer checking here once a month can provide you with even better value orders than even my normal low prices.

And as such offers help to bring awareness of my business to new customers then in the end we are all then better of.

Completely Nothing! (Available Now)

Sorry no special offer is running at the moment due to large company changes, expansion and not to forget my many holidays.

Special offers will be restored in a later month so keep checking.

Cardman's Global Domination Plan (Available Now)

I find that often in my supply of cards, programmers, and satellite equipment, that when I receive the first orders from a new country that following this can come many other orders from new customers in the same county.

One example of this would be for Malta where for the first 19 months of my old business I never got even one order from this island country. Then on the 28th of September 1999 my very first order from Malta arrived, which I can say was dispatched the following day.

In the months following this I received many other orders from Maltese customers. As what had happened here was that these first few customers had become aware of what I could provide and told all there friends about my service. Malta is just one good example of what I see time and time again. As now Malta is such a popular destination for orders that I have added the Maltese currency to my currency convertor.

Therefore, what this section is about, is to help promote awareness of my business in countries that I have not supplied to since my business reopened on the 1st of September 2000. As I can say that nothing is more pleasing then when the very first order arrives from another new country.

So customers from new countries, and even my old customers from less popular destinations, can all benefit from this offer.

What I will therefore do is that when I receive the very first order from another new county I will send out with this order a credit voucher worth £15. This voucher can then be used by the person the order is for, or if they wish can be used by one of their friends.

So when a second order is then placed this £15 can then be subtracted from the final end total, which means that they will get £15 worth of goods for free. And as for example my ZONE4 remote control is only £13 then they will still get £2 from the cost of the postage.

As there is no other value limits, then even if someone the other end of this planet orders one of my GOLD cards at £6 with £1 for postage, then so will this offer still counts.

That means what with all the countries that I have not supplied to yet, then I have some serious money ready for the taking. And all you have to do is look at the following list and hope that I have not supplied to your country yet. (I wonder if Malta is out yet? ;-] ).

This £15 voucher can only be exchanged for goods and services when no cash alternative will be provided. And in all other respects I get to play God and decides who gets a voucher and who does not.

Of course I cannot promise that your order will be the first even if your country is not yet listed when some other customer in your country may have beat you to it. And asking if anyone has yet provided an order from your country can be a good idea when this list will only be updated when I have the time to do it.

Should the unlikely happen and two orders from the same new country arrive in the same day, then I will either choose the one that I happen to pick up first, or I may be extra generous if this does not happen often and provide two vouchers.

As I mentioned I get to play God, but I can assure you that all aspects will be handled fairly.

Anyway, in alphabetical order, here are all the countries that I have supplied orders to (usually many times) from the 1st of September, when my business reopened following my large changes...

Austria, Australia, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada, China (Hong Kong), Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea (South), Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Channel Islands), United States of America, Yugoslavia (Serbia), Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

If your country is not listed above, then I could well have a £15 voucher waiting for you, which even if you are one of my old customers from before September in such popular places like what Croatia used to be still includes you.

And this offer is only likely to end when my global domination is complete, which means watch that list grow very large over time.

Also if you wish to know, then in the time before September I supplied to 43 countries in total. That means by removing all the new countries, then there are still just 4 countries left where I have customers (aka troops) who have not yet reordered since my business reopened. These remaining countries are Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary and Mozambique.

At minimum therefore I expect to soon give away at least another £60 worth of £15 vouchers, but since that excludes the many other counties who have never ordered, then I am insane enough to hope to give away lots more £15 vouchers.

Claims for this offer so far total £615 given away. To see this large list of claims (conquered countries) then please click here.

If instead you wish to see an overview of my battle plans, maps, international organizations now under my control, and how much of this planet I now own, then please click here.

The Ultimate Special Offer (Ended: 28th February 2001)

Now that the month of February is at an end then I can now tell you about my Ultimate Special Offer, which I doubt will ever be exceeded by any future offer on this page in the future.

As all orders received on the 16th of February 2001, was completed without charge.

This means exactly what it says, in that whatever people ordered on this day, then they received both the ordered goods and their money back. Hopefully this was not too shocking for these customers, when some people cannot leave behind the idea of making profit.

And although I never reveal exact values, I will say that the total of goods given away on this day totalled in at several thousand pounds.

That was why it was a good idea not to leak mention of this offer to anyone, when whatever was ordered on this day was given away for free, including the postage cost. And lucky for me that this was not a record sales day, when that indeed would have been for free.

Now why I did this offer was that I get very annoyed at people who say I do things for "money reasons" or that during unfortunate delays that "I have done a runner". This therefore proves that if I am happy to give away such large sums for no special reason, then why on earth would some people think I have an unnatural interest in what really is for me their small payment?

And so this offer I am fully happy to be considered like a big f-you to people who say such things, when I have been trading with a good reputation for many years, and I will do so for many more.

Also I have given away lots of free equipment in the past, when I felt it was needed. However this makes the first and hopefully last time when I do it in bulk.

Giving away all this free equipment was why No1 begged me not to proceed when I first told her, which I can say made her quite upset when dispatching these I keep explaining that the order she was holding had hundreds of pounds worth of free equipment in it.

The only thing have yet to explain is "why this day?".

As the 16th of February 2001 just happens to be the day when Cardman turned the ancient old age of one score and ten. And as this was the only event date in this month then that is the one I picked. And finally I can only say sorry to those people who had their order arrive on the 15th or 17th, when only those that arrived on the 16th was completed with charge.

Anyway I will leave this completed offer on this page for a long time, when this could well prove that when it comes to giving away money then Cardman could well have a screw loose.

Plans for my next special offer are already in the thinking stage