Due to the popularity on my MPACK power adapter I have now added other power adapters and accessories to form this new page. These extra items, although not vital for any of my devices over the usual MPACK power adapter, provide improved quality and extra features at my usual great prices.

Using external power is of course vital for any device which does not draw power from a host device, or support a battery power option. Currently using external mains power is recommended for my ELVIS programmer (9v, negative polarity), GMPC+ programmer/copier (16-20v, positive polarity), and SMART2 programmer (9v, positive polarity) only when used with official digital cards.

If you currently do not have a suitable power adapter, then the ones on these pages are suitable for all the devices that I supply, as well as many devices that you may own. That includes if you wish to buy my power adapters just for use with your devices.

Following my currently supported power adapters are power accessories, such as with converter plugs.

Unfortunately I have not yet found any suitable Power Adapters for European use, as the only models that I have seen so far are fixed voltage models at above UK model prices. I will of course keep looking, but any recommendation for a supplier for such a model would be welcome.

Until then European customers can still use my UK power adapters with a UK converter plug, which is now available below if you do not yet have your own model.

MPACK - AC to DC Power Adapter

The MPACK is a popular AC to DC Power Adapter suitable for use with all my devices. This model allows selection of the Polarity (positive "+" and negative "-"), which is selected through the adapter plugs.

Input Voltage: 230 volts AC, 50Hz.
Output Voltage: selection for 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, and 12 volts DC.
Output Current: 500mA max.
Output Power: 13W max.
Dimensions: 86 x 62 x 90mm.

The output power connection is supplied with 6 DC adapter plugs, which control polarity depending on which way the plug it is fitted. Each plug has a small diagram with + and - to the center and outside, and the polarity side you wish should be fitted towards the arrow on the lead.

Ordering Code: MPACK
Gross Weight: 470g

MPACK2 - AC to DC Power Adapter


Now the MPACK2 is an IC controlled AC to DC Power Adapter providing many extra features.

This list includes IC regulated DC output (2% stability), polarity selection, LED indicator, automatic thermal cut off, short circuit protection, and automatic overload cut off.

Input Voltage: 230 volts AC, 50Hz.
Output Voltage: selection for 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, and 12 volts DC.
Output Current: 500mA max.
Output Power: 15.4W max.
Dimensions: 92 x 64 x 86mm.

Ordering Code: MPACK2
Gross Weight: 530g

MPACK3 - AC to DC Power Adapter


The MPACK3 is also an IC controlled AC to DC Power Adapter, with a 1.7m mains lead and a 1.8m output lead. Special to this model is the high 1200mA maximum output current suitable for use with larger power hungry devices.

Supported features includes IC regulated DC output (2% stability), automatic thermal cut off, short circuit protection, automatic overload cut off, polarity selection, and an LED indicator.

Input Voltage: 230 volts AC, 50Hz, 29w.
Output Voltage: selection for 3, 6, 9, and 12 volts DC.
Output Current: 1200mA max.
Output Power: 36.1W max.
Dimensions: 68 x 78 x 124mm.

Ordering Code: MPACK3
Gross Weight: 1372g

EU to UK Converter Plugs

One mystery for UK Citizens is what to do when your new equipment turn up with a 2-pin European plug fitted.

Up until now there has been several imperfect solutions, such as dangerously jamming it in the 3-pin UK socket. Another imperfect solution is to cut off the 2-pin plug and spend time wiring in a 3-pin UK plug. However, even excluding the time this takes most people would use a fuse with a too high rating, which would then offer little benefit in case of an accident. Also removing the 2-pin plug can lead to problems with your supplier if you have to then return your new device to them for any reason.

And for all those reasons I can say that after a two year search I have now found a safe, cheap, and non-destructive answer to this common problem.

These converter plugs as you can see are no larger than a standard UK Plug. No wiring is required at all, as you simply push the 2-pin European plug firmly into the socket and then tighten the screw to lock the 2-pin plug firmly into place. All you then have to do is plug it in, as it really is that simple.

These plugs you can reuse time and time again on different equipment, which will mean that they should outlast most if not all of your current equipment.

After all that then this really is a must have item for anyone in the UK who receives devices with 2-pin European plugs fitted.

And apart from costing little more than a UK plug anyway you have a choice for what colour that you wish your plug, white or black.

Plug Colour: White
Ordering Code: EU2UKW
Gross Weight: 42g
Price (without VAT):
Price (with VAT):

Plug Colour: Black
Ordering Code: EU2UKB
Gross Weight: 42g

UK to EU Converter Plugs

Any European customer wishing to use any of my power equipment, or in fact any other UK plugged device, can now do so using my UK to European converter plugs.

These white converter plugs will simply accept any standard UK 3-pin plug to be inserted (like those above), which can then be plugged into the standard round 2-pin European socket with earth.

As these converter plugs support an earth connection, then UK earthed device can benefit by having all three pins converted for European use.

Therefore these converter plugs for a small extra charge can allow all my European customers to use my power adapters for even less than what you can buy local models for.

These converter plugs are NOT for use within the UK or for use in North America.

The maximum power handling of this converter plug is 7.5 Amps, which is more than enough for use with all my devices.

Ordering Code: UK2EU
Gross Weight: 41g

US/OZ to UK Converter Plugs

For those people owning electronic equipment from outside Europe, then here may be the answer to your power adapter problem. As this adapter will allow both United States and Australian plugged power equipment to be connected directly to the UK mains socket.

Unless your power equipment happens to support 220 to 240 volt input, then this will usually be a bad idea, when neither voltage or frequency will be adjusted.

However, for those devices that do support 230 volts (computer equipment is common), then all you should do is check the manual first.

As the adapter includes a 13 Amp fuse and Earth support, then the worst possible results from using this adapter plug with unsuitable equipment will be avoided. So just plug it in and then hope that your equipment manual was correct.

Ordering Code: US2UK
Gross Weight: 65g

Universal Travel Adapter

Since I always like to provide my customers with the very latest and innovative hardware that I also desire to own and use myself the here is no exception.

I first encountered this Universal Travel Adapter on my return from Majorca when my browsing of the EasyJet gift magazine turned up this travel adapter amongst other less appealing items. I was tempted to spend £10 to bring one home with me but I thought "I can obtain and sell them for less than £10" and the following month I did just that.

Just by looking at my photos of this Universal Travel adapter is bound to leave people famiilar with other travel adapters impressed when right here stands a light weight compact unit with all the features you need to use your local hardware in over 150 different countries.

I would also say that upon returning from your holiday or business trip this Universal Adapter Plug can be left in your suitcase all ready for your next... yet to be planned trip... when no matter what country you go to on this next trip then this Universal Travel Adapter is sure to prove useful.

Removing it from your suitcase does provide more functionality though when I can assure you that UK, European, North American, Australian and much more plugged hardware can certainly connect straight into this strangely shaped face plate. The front of this device has clearly been moulded to allow connection of all plugs through a universal shaped socket. This means that this Universal Travel Adapter can replace every other travel adapter on this page.

So if you happen to receive an electronic device with the wrong plug attached then this device will convert the connection. As you can also see in the above photo this Universal Travel Adapter comes with safety shutters to help prevent your children from sticking metal items in the sockets.

As to how this device works then take a look at this next photo...

You can begin to see that with just one look at the electrical socket at your destination that you only need to pop out the right connection to be able to plug it in. The EU adapter can be easily pulled out but the other options are held in place by a switch lock. So just move the right switch to the unlocked position to have the spring loaded pins pop out followed by setting the switch back to the locked position to prevent the pins retracting during use. Once finished then move the switch to the unlocked position, push in the pins, then set the switch back to the locked position.

One extra great feature of this model is that it comes with Surge Protection built-in. This is useful when in less developed countries, like with the Philippines, they have regular power cuts (brownouts). Sure enough when the power is restored you can suffer a large electrical surge. Disconnecting electrical devices during a power cut is the recommended method to prevent surges but if you happen to be out at the time then this device can make the difference between working hardware and expensive trash.

Since I greatly like this model then I would go as far to say that if you do not plan to take one on holiday with you then this is a BIG MISTAKE. This Universal Travel Adapter is light weight making it suitable for all travel destination and at my price it is very low cost. It even comes with its own free travel bag.

The only negative aspect that I can see is that it does not provide voltage conversion which is no surprise given its small size and low cost. This means that 100-120 volt hardware should only be used in 100-120 volt sockets and 220-240 volt hardware in 220-240 volt sockets. The exception to this rule is those devices, like with laptop computers, which support 100-240 volt input. So before use just check the electrical requirements on the label.

Since that is all I can say then here is my price...

Ordering Code: WONPLUG
Includes: Universal Travel Adapter (Wonder Plug), Travel Bag and Instructions.
Gross Weight: 116g

110v to 230v AC-AC Step-Up Voltage Converter

Now here is a device that is both very useful and great value, but lets deal with these two points one at a time.

To start with it is the case that people moving between Europe and North America have quite a problem on their hands if they desire to take their electronic mains powered equipment along with them. This can be anything from an electric tooth brush to TVs and VCRs, where the problem is that here in Europe we have a 230 volt mains supply, but in North America they have a 110 volt supply.

And of course the exact problem is that if you go a plug a 230v device into the 110v mains, using a simple adapter plug, then the odds are that the device in question won't work due to this lack of voltage. Then of course if you plug a 110v device into the 230v mains, then smoke followed by a non-functional device tends to happen.

That is where this device proves useful for most electronic devices that take this trip across the Atlantic between Europe and North America, when it will take this 110v mains power and, as if my magic, convert this to 230v. Since magic has nothing to do with it, then the key within the electronics field to allow this seemingly magical task to happen is the item called a Step-Up Voltage Transformer.

Mention of this device bring me on to my second point concerning how great value this device is, where I am sure that if you look around it will be very hard to find a device like this one that comes close to this price. What I mean that my own research into this subject shows that a device like this one on average costs all of £11 / €16.21 / $19.61 more than my price here, where of course even higher power models cost a whole lot more.

During such a search you would notice that devices to covert 230v to 110v cost a lot less than these devices to convert 110v to 230v. The reason for this is that those devices can get away with using a simple resistor to do this 230v to 110v conversion, even if a Step-Down Voltage Transformer would do a much better job. So it is the case that as a Transformer costs a lot more than a Resistor, then so does 110v to 230v conversion always cost more.

Anyway, as long as you do not mix up these two, then so would you soon notice how great value my price is.

The final area I should mention is construction, when this model is also very much smaller than some other models that I have seen about. This as a result makes this model ideal for travel should you be off to North America to either live or just visit, when you would not want to take some of the very large and heavy models that I have seen with you.

Yet more important information is that this model is designed to plug directly into the 110v North American (U.S / Canada) 3-pin mains supply, where this device then allows UK 3-pin plugged devices to be connected to it. Other European customers can still use this device of course, where you can either replace your current equipment plugs with a UK one, or you can use a converter like my EU2UKW and EU2UKB plugs (above).

The most important point here is that this device allows for a maximum output of 45 Watts. This means that the equipment you plug into this converter needs to be checked to see what power they need, when you should never allow the total equipment power used to exceed 45W. Should you do so then you would break it, where for reference my combination 15" portable TV/VCR is rated at about 45W.

So the type of equipment that should not be used with this device are the power hungry ones, such as with large TVs, electric heaters and electric kettles, when the last two would require about 3000W. And as you can easily check your devices, then this should not be a problem. However, should your device list Volts and Amps instead of Watts, then so can you calculate Watts through...

Power (in Watts) = Current (in Amps) x Voltage (in Volts). For example; 18 Watts = 2 Amps x 9 Volts.

For your information the technical details are...

Input Voltage: 110v AC, 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage: 230v AC
Max Load: 45W
Dimensions: 103 x 63 x 51 mm

The final thing you should be aware of is that none of these step-up voltage transformers including this one would adjust the frequency, where of course this Alternating Current (AC) alternates at 60 cycles per second in North America and 50 cycles per second in Europe. As the problem here is that devices (normally old and cheap ones) that take their timing from the power supply (like with clocks) would run between 10 to 20% too fast.

Mostly all devices these days use an internal crystal instead of this mains frequency to control the timing, but you should be aware of this issue for those devices that use the old method. This naturally is just a timing issue and not a power issue, where even rare devices with this problem would still be powered fine.

Anyway, since you can plug a 230v European device into this converter and then plug this converter into the 110v mains with the result being a working 230v device, then so is this model extremely useful for those people needing to do just that. And due to my low price on this item I would consider it a waste of your time if you tried to find a lower price elsewhere.

Ordering Code: 110-230V
Gross Weight: 497g

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