On this page you will find all the items that I do not normally sell, but since I often enjoy these items myself, then that explains why I am now offering them for you to enjoy as well. The other possibility are unusual items that do not deserve a whole new page to themselves, where to minimise the menu options they are grouped here instead.

Since that is all I can say to explain this page then here are these items...

Pop-Glo High Intensity Glowsticks

The first thing I have to mention are for those people who do not know what glowsticks are. The simple explanation is by mixing two chemicals together, in this case Cyalume [phenyl oxalate ester] and hydrogen peroxide, then light can be produced.

A glowstick works by keeping these two chemicals in separate compartments within the glowstick. When you desire to use a glowstick then you simply bend the glowstick. This action causes the more fragile inner tube to crack causing the chemicals to mix and for light to be produced. Giving the now glowing glowstick a quick shake to ensure that the chemicals are well mixed is then recommended to maximise the light output. I should mention that this action causes no detectable heat increase.

The glowstick comes with a thick outer plastic tube to avoid leaking. The chemicals used are non-toxic and non-flammable, but if you do cut open a glowstick the chemicals can cause staining, when hydrogen peroxide is of cause better known to bleech hair, paper, and more. This means that glowsticks are suitable for use by children, as long as you keep an eye on them. These glowsticks come with a 5+ recommended age rating.

To know more about glowsticks then it is true to say that the longer the time that a glowstick is rated to last the weaker the light output would be. So the common glowsticks that claim to last 6, 12 or even 24 hours are simply useless if you wish to light up an area instead of simply wanting faintly glowing decoration.

Several years ago I got in some Ultra Bright glowsticks that I found very useful to light up a room during the rare times when my location suffered a power cut. However, when I ran out of these glowsticks I found out that my wholesaler no longer stocked these models. Also when having a quick look around for a replacement I could find none, when all the models I did find were the faintly glowing type that were unsuitable for my application.

So I was quite fortunate that recently I located a wholesaler that dealt directly with the manufacturer of these glowsticks, in this case Pop-Glo, where amongst all their models they offered an ultra bright model rated at 30 minutes. So I could now obtain my ideal glowsticks and to be able to offer them to you as well.

These offered glowsticks will provide bright light for the first 30 minutes. And by "bright" I mean that by placing one of these glowsticks in the middle of the room, then I can read text from objects on the wall on either side. Following the first 30 minutes then the glowstick will fade for the next 30 minutes, where after 2 hours no more light will be produced.

In fact here is a photo comparison that compares the light output from one of these ultra bright glowsticks to the brightest model available from the normal glowstick range. This photo was taken with a digital camera and is a raw brightness comparision of the two models...

Glowsticks have advantages over other light sources when they save you having to hunt around for a torch and what about if the batteries are flat or missing? Also a glowstick is much safer than trying to light and use a candle in the darkness. Just place a glowstick where you can easily find it in the dark, then it is just remove the foil cover, bend and shake.

In fact I would say that you would have to be crazy to not have a couple of these glowsticks in your car or caravan for emergency use. You would have no problems storing glowsticks for years before use if desired, provided that you keep them in their foil wrap, when they don't like direct sunlight or high heat. Also since these glowsticks come in six different colours then you can use them for signaling, like to use the red and green ones as port and starboard when canoeing or sailing. These glowsticks have no problem working in rain and water, even underwater if that is your desire.

They are also useful when you go out walking just in case you are caught out after dark. As one of these glowsticks would allow you to see where you are walking, and you would be seen by other people from a distance. There are many other possible uses that I can think up, but why don't you spend a few minutes thinking how you can use them?

Each of these glowsticks I can say comes with a 33 inch (85cm) long red ribon that allows you to hang up these glowsticks, or even to hang them around your neck. Each glowstick contains two holes in the top to allow attackment to this ribon, a nail, a hook, and more.

These glowsticks are the large 6 inch (16 cm) long type and the available colours are...

Ordering Code: GLOWOR
Colour: Orange / Naranja

Ordering Code: GLOWGR
Colour: Green / Vert / Verde

Ordering Code: GLOWBL
Colour: Blue / Bleu / Azul

Ordering Code: GLOWRD
Colour: Red / Rouge / Rojo

Ordering Code: GLOWPI
Colour: Pink / Rose / Rosa

Ordering Code: GLOWYE
Colour: Yellow / Janue / Amarillo

Descripton: 1 Glowstick (of any colour)
Gross Weight: 25g

Also if you desire to buy 5 or more glowsticks, of any colour, or combination of colours, then you can have them for...

Descripton: 5+ Glowsticks (of any colour)
per Glowstick

Irdeto Card Doubler

This unusual device has two main uses, which I will now explain.

The first of these uses is to allow any two digital Irdeto cards to share the single slot of an Irdeto CAM. Both cards should be inserted into the doubler, followed by inserting the doubler into the Irdeto CAM. The swapping between cards would be fully automatic and controlled by the doubler.

The doubler can also work with a single card if required, where this single card could be inserted into either of the two card slots on this Irdeto Card Doubler device.

Now, the second main use of the doubler is to allow original German "C" cards to work on a standard Irdeto CAM. However, you should note that to decode German stations would also require Betacrypt support in the CI CAM or built-in CAM.

This means that this device is suitable for use with every known type of Irdeto 1 and Betacrypt 1 cards. The Irdeto 2 and Betacrypt 2 cards will be tested when possible, where this item will be available when that result has been confirmed.

For those people with a Nokia 9200/9500 receiver then this device can also be mounted inside the receiver. This would make it seem that the receiver normally has two card slots. To do this simple electronics task, then just cut the doubler in half between the two rows of five holes, as shown in the photo. As then by soldering the remaining five hole to the card reader cable on your Irdeto CAM you will then have two slots and no device sticking out.

So if you are an owner of an Irdeto CAM, including the Common Interface type, then here is an add-on device that you may desire.

Ordering Code: DOUBLER
Gross Weight: 50g
Price (without VAT): Available Soon

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