This new page exists so that I can quickly add new items to this site with a brief description and photo of each item, when customers like to know at least some details about an items before they buy it. And I have found that a photo of each item is very important as well, which using my scanner is a lot faster to have on-line these days.

Adding these items to my usual pages can take weeks or even months depending on how complex an item is, when naturally I have to fully test each one and then write a long detailed description.

So as you will see the brief item descriptions on this site matches or even exceeds the normal description level found on other sites, which I am sure is fine for most people even if it does not tell you everything that you could want to know.

And so all these items will be removed from this page and added to my normal pages when I have the time to fully test them and write the long descriptions. This can also mean that sometimes this page will be empty of items, but if I am very lazy, very busy, or very much into buying many new items at once, then so will this page be packed.

Matrix Revolutions CI CAM

This Matrix Revolutions CI CAM is my latest supported CAM type that will be added to my CAMs page just as soon as I have sorted out all the full details and functionality of this CAM. Still, if you already have an idea concerning what this CAM is about, then by ordering you will receive this CAM already ready to use with the most recent firmware.

This CAM supports both official and unofficial cards using the following conditional access systems...

Viaccess I
Viaccess II
TPSCrypt (a version of Viaccess)
Mediaguard I (made by SECA)
Mediaguard II
Irdeto I
Irdeto II
Nagravision (with selectable BoxKey)

Ordering Code: MRV
Includes: Matrix Revolutions CI CAM
Gross Weight: 47g

Cerebro Cards

Original Cerebro card with official cerebro OS. Each card is individually tested and confirmed working.

Technical Details:
64K Eeprom, 64K Crypto: RSA, DSA, ECC
Cards supplied with original Cerebro OS
ATR : 3B EC 00 00 40 38 43 45 52 45 42 52 4F 20 00 0C 01
Phoenix Compatible Programmer with 3.58Mhz Crystal required.
Many satisfied clients throughout Europe and in particular Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

Cerebro Karte

Ursprüngliche CEREBRO KARTE
CEREBRO OS + jede Karte wird einzeln geprüft

Technische Details:
64K Eeprom, 64K Crypto: RSA, DSA, ECC
Karten geliefert mit ursprünglichem Cerebro OS
ATR : 3B EC 00 00 40 38 43 45 52 45 42 52 4F 20 00 0C 01
Phoenix kompatibler Programmierer mit dem Kristall 3.58Mhz erfordert.
Viele erfüllte Klienten innen in Europa und insbesondere Deutschland, Österreich u. der Schweiz.

<Cerebro> Ordering Code: CEREBRO
Gross Weight: 5g

5+: each.

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