This extra page I decided to set up when I know that now and again I get mentioned in some news papers and magazines, but until now no customer who has seen these articles has yet passed them on to me.

The very first one I recall mentioned was a review in some Croatian Satellite Magazine, which pointed people to my old site. Unfortunately that like other mentions of myself since I never got to see it.

Anyway, since I have now made the top story of a popular Sunday News Paper read by many thousands of people, then hopefully displaying this first article on my site will make other visitors pass on any other articles where I get mentioned.

Sunday Mercury 12th of August 2001
<Sunday Mercury> This time my P8416S card made the top story on Page One, which left me wondering where the real ground breaking stories had got to. Still, as this was a Sunday News Paper, then what can you expect, when as the title said these less reputable tabloid publications often seek what they call "scams".

What this article was all about was piracy of the ITV Digital service, which oddly focused on the football aspect. And apart from the front page view of my very own P8416S card; on pages 4 and 5 were also better views on my P8416S card along with my BABY programmer and SERIAL cable.

Now what annoyed me about this article, other then using my fully legal items for an illegal purpose, was that also on page 5 my name "Cardman" gets listed along with two other suppliers.

So thanks to this News Paper certain low life, during this time, was now visiting this very site looking for what is promised in this article. And I am still wondering if this article was illegal due to the fact that it was advertising building an illegal pirate device, providing a list of the required equipment, the general cost (£25), and then links to suppliers of the required hardware. In other words "one big do it yourself advert".

Actually, the mentioned £25 is only generally correct when their so called "ITV Digital Piracy Pack" would have, during this time, cost such morally confused customers an end total of just £22.32. This is calculated as [£7 (BABY) + £7.50 (P8416S) + £2.50 (SERIAL) + £2 (UK Postage)] = £19 + £3.32 (VAT) = £22.32.

As I very well know the two other suppliers mentioned in this article, then I know that them like myself strongly disapprove of mis-using our fully legal items in this illegal way. Also the mentioned web site certainly has one technically confused site owner. As out of their listed suppliers for such a card type, it is a fact that one supplier has never provided any cards, another does not provide the fully socketed type (required for use with BABY), and until quite recently I never provided the fully socketed type either.

Also since this very site owner also contacted me later on as well, then he also denounced that the information provided on his web site was promoting an illegal use of his programming instructions.

And as it happens just three weeks before on the 24th of July I gave my own visitors are very strong talk on this illegal subject on my News page. When as should now be completely clear to every organization, including FACT, FAST and my local Fraud Squad, then I have never approved of customers illegally pirating their home services. Where I also mentioned the fact that I myself am both an ITV Digital and Sky Digital subscriber, which any real reporter could have found out for themselves.

I know these items were purchased from myself due to the fact that my PCB cards do not get around much. Well that and the fact that out of the three mentioned suppliers only myself has all the required items to complete this task. Excluding the illegal firmware naturally.

I see from my customer database just who this reporter's mentioned friend was. Well, my P8416S cards were a quiet new addition, where most people liked Gold cards anyway, which meant that the minor sale of these cards allowed me to see who this purchaser was. And it is lucky for them that despite this problem that they have caused me that I am not annoyed enough to seek such physical revenge.

That does not mean though that I won't soon be giving the Sunday Mercury a piece of my mind, when I really hate anyone linking myself to such an illegal subject that I have certainly never supported at any point in my entire business history.

Then lets not forget that ITV Digital, during late 2001, were now clearly aware that their service was failing due to natural competition with Sky Digital. Certainly their service being pirated did not help, but due to the complexity of this subject, then this was only a small number of people compared to losing large volumes of subscribers to the better Sky Digital service. And this explains why ITV Digital, now looking for excuses, instructed the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) to mount a legal attack against my company that began on the 6th of Novermber 2001.

Well on the first page you can read the text "Last night ITV Digital thanked the Sunday Mercury for its investigation and pledged a crackdown on the scam". Let me see. Just who was the only supplier around who provided the only suitable and legal hardware for them to crackdown on? And seven months later failed to prove any wrong doing on my part that is, when FACT dropped their case.

ITV Digital did not last to see the eventual failure of FACT's case against my service, but you should now begin to see how it can go from this Newpaper passing on my company name to ITV Digital, them now launching an attack to try to cover up their own failures, where despite the massive damage that this caused to my company, then here I still am.

From all this information you can begin to see why my solicitor will eventually be having words with this Sunday newspaper. Beforehand I said that I would complain to them, but due to being far too busy, then during 2001 I simply did not get around to it. Due to all my pending counter legal action between 2006 and 2008, then my solicitor will see what action can be taken against this newspaper.

One shame of all this was that for the purpose of sensationalism this reporter had the odd idea to destroy these fine items instead of using them for their natural fully legal purpose. Still, had he not done so, then I would have demanded that they be returned to me for a refund anyway.

Anyway, here is this three page article, but don't forget to spot the five photos of my three items. And if you look closely at Page 5, then you will see "Cardman" along with these two other well known suppliers.

Sunday Mercury
Page One (509kb)
Page Four (466kb)
Page Five (473kb)

If you cannot clearly read the text then this is the fault of your browser, display, or eyesight.

Please let me know if you see the mention of "Cardman" in any other publication