How to use this currency converter...
1. Calculate the total of your order in Sterling (GBP).
2. Add to this total the delivery cost.
3. Next don't forget to add on VAT at 15% (if applicable).
4. Once you have a final total in GBP then enter this value in the 'Order Total' box.
5. Now select your local currency in the 'Choose Currency' box.
6. Finally the value you see in the 'Send Me' box is the amount in the selected currency you should send me in the most direct and highest value notes (no coins).

Currency Converter

Order Total
+ 1 GBP
(Handling Fee)

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Local Price

Send Me

This currency converter is JavaScript based, where scripting will have to be supported by your browser for it to work.

Details about this currency converter

All conversion rates are accurate enough and are updated every few weeks.

The converter is now based on the BUY RATE to make conversion more accurate. And as a result I have lowered the Handling and Conversion charge to 1 GBP, when previously the extra amount was adjusting for the buy rate.

The Local Price is calculated by (Order Total + Handling Fee) * Buy Rate Adjustment * Conversion Rate.

The Send Me value is the Local Price rounded to the smallest note that I can accept.
     Rounding will work 30% down and 70% up.

Almost all of the Handling Fee is used to pay for the transfer to GBP. This means that you will have only a small saving if paying directly in GBP.

No foreign currency cheques can be accepted like EVER.

As the calculation occurs on your own computer, then I am in no way responsible should a value be miscalculated. This problem has never been seen yet by the way.

Do not do the calculation yourself without aid of this converter, when your calculation will most likely be not based on the BUY RATE resulting in your payment not being enough to pay for your order.

If you have any problems using this currency converter, then I will be happy to help, or to do the calculation for you.

Should your country suffer economic collapse or for any reason the received value be too low to pay for your order, then it will be returned if not corrected. Sorry.

And finally. If your prefered currency is not listed, then let me know and I will see what I can do. However, I currently cannot accept Albanian Lek, Bulgarian Lev, Romanian Leu, Slovakia Koruna and Slovenia Tolar. This is due to no market support or trading of these currencies in the UK.

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