Please always visit this page before sending any e-mail, where here you will always find the latest news about the operation of my e-mail system. This will include when people are away due to holiday or illness, breakdown of the e-mail server, local problems and any other e-mail problems that you need to be aware of.

As in the past I have had complaints concerning failure to provide e-mail replies when in fact these people had not read my prior warning concerning these problems, then I now have almost no tolerance for people not following this advice. And so if I find people sending e-mail without first checking the latest news on this page, then I will have no choice but to change my e-mail addresses on a frequent basis.

That would mean that no one could then send me e-mail without visiting this page first, when any attempt would be returned to them in error.

Therefore, I hope to soon see that this page is one of the most visited pages on this site.

Latest News

My email system is once again OPEN.

Please note that my customer contact e-mail addresses have once again changed to the new valid e-mail addresses stated below. This change has been done due to spam overload of over 2000 spam messages per week and to take advantage of advanced webmail that will be make replies easier and to better fight spam e-mail. Please discontinue use of the old e-mail addresses when they will soon be deleted.

I would like to once again to remind customers to always check this e-mail page, and the News page, before sending me e-mail when I always find it annoying when customers complain about not receiving e-mail replies when they are obviously completely unaware of e-mail system issues reported on these very two pages. Not to forget that any serious supply issues will always be mentioned on my News page and would automatically answer many customer questions. In other words reading the provided information is always helpful.

Customer Messages

Appearing here will be messages to customers who for one reason or another cannot be contacted by normal means. Not that such people would read this e-mail page before sending me e-mail of course, but there is always that hope.


E-Mail Contact Rules

1. Never send an e-mail to more than one of these e-mail addresses at a time, when this wastes time in answering e-mail. This includes sending e-mail to the same contact address, but received at my other web site.

2. Wait for the reply time stated below before sending your e-mail again, when some customers can just be too impatient.

3. Should no reply be received on the second attempt, then follow these steps...

A) Check this E-Mail page and my News page concerning any contact problems. Also make sure that the web site that you are sending your e-mail to is currently working, when I know that not all customers do. When after all if the web site is not working, then so will the e-mail system (for that site) be down as well.

B) Make sure that your reply-to e-mail address is valid and working. As the number one reason for not receiving a reply to your e-mail is due to when a reply is sent, then the Mail Delivery Subsystem returns this reply marked with a fatal delivery error (like with "User unknown"). You can do this by sending an e-mail to yourself and making sure that it is received, but remember to send a reply to this test e-mail to ensure that your reply-to address is valid. As if either of these two e-mail is not received, then there is the reason why you have not received a reply.

C) Repeat your previous e-mail, but this time make sure that you will receive a reply via a different ISP. This is due to unrelated network abuse, where contact between two ISPs can be denied for days or even weeks. So in this case you would not receive a reply due to your or my ISP blocking this reply on purpose.

D) Still no luck? Well all I can say is to try the other e-mail addresses or my other web sites. This is because on rare occasions there can be an interal 'glitch' affecting the e-mail address in question.

4. Do not send e-mail to another other e-mail addresses not listed on this page, such as my e-mail addresses used for on-line ordering and payment. When since these addresses are only for automatic computer processing of on-line orders, then my computer will just ignore any non-payment e-mail. Since these addresses also handle order forms created every time someone clicks on these payment method buttons, as found on my order forms, then there are thousands of other e-mail that your wrongly addressed e-mail can get lost in.

5. Do not ever spam any of my e-mail addresses with commercial advertising, except for that one address list below for my own suppliers. Also I do not recommend unusual formatting of your e-mail, when if your e-mail looks like commercial advertising, then my SpamAssasin e-mail program will mark it as spam and filter it out. Since I already receive far too many commercial spam messages each day, then anything marked as spam will not be checked or answered.

6. Never store any of these e-mail addresses in your address book. The reason for this is because you should always visit this e-mail page before sending me any e-mail, which is required for obvious reason. Also when careless computer owner causes their computer to catch a virus, then storing these e-mail addresses in your address book will cause that virus e-mail to be sent to me.

7. Do not ever send me any attachments to your e-mail beyond pure text in a text file, unless you are requested to do so. This includes word documents, spreadsheets, executable programs and applications, but also the often always virus infected screen savers. Since no e-mail attachment is ever run on my e-mail system, due to attachments almost always being virus infected, then no attachment you send will ever be looked at.

8. Never send any large files (one megabyte or more) to me without prior permission, when this wastes bandwidth and could potentially harm this e-mail system.

Virus Warning

Should you be one of the countless people who know little about how computer systems can get infected with viruses then please pay attention.

The first thing to do is to always make sure that your computer system has all of the latest Operating System patches installed, when these patches are often to correct security flaws. This however is less important if the computer in question is behind a router, when then no external hacking or virus system can normally contact your computer directly.

Make sure that you have a good virus scanner installed and working. And should you want my recommendation, then I would recommend eScan, when this does a great job in checking both your computer and your e-mail system. It has also found all viruses that I have tested it on, where it does a great job in avoiding attacking valid programs as well.

My greatest advice, to protect my own e-mail system, is to tell you to NEVER execute an e-mail attachment that is sent to you. That is unless you know exactly what it is and who it is from. This is because all those received Screen Savers, PIF files, and Short Cut Links, are all without doubt Viruses or worse AD-Ware. So the execution of these e-mail attachments would soon get your system infected, where this program would collect all the known e-mail addresses on your system and to send this virus to them. Then you can only guess what other destructive plan it has in mind.

Should you need to see what an attachment is about, then rename it to like "dodgyfile.txt" and to open it up in NotePad. This way you can safely look at the contents, when no "data" file can ever cause an infection, unlike the former executable file.

The E-Mail System

All e-mail is currently answered by Cardman only, due to loss of my second worker, where I currently lack the time to get another worker. This e-mail system is handled between the following main e-mail addresses, which are handled by subject. Now the most important thing that you should know is to only send your email to one address only, where this naturally should be selected by subject.

As there is no excuse for sending your email to more than one address then no excuse would be accepted.


These e-mail addresses are being answered directly by Cardman in the hopefully usual response time. However, since I have to do like everything around here, then at busy times doing other things means little time for e-mail, which is why e-mail can sometimes be answered late.

Therefore, during this temporary problem era, replies can take up to a week, even though usually this can take just hours.

General Questions

Should you have any general questions then ask at...

Such e-mail can be about questions about these items or prices, comments about this web site, where your order has got to, or if you just have something to say. Please as always be clear in your comments, when this avoid me having to ask you to clarify.

Technical Support

If you are having problems using any of my items then ask at...

To allow me to provide the best advice, then please include as much detail as possible. This should include what items it is that you are using (many people do overlook this), then what exactly the problem is (providing exact error messages). What is important here is that the more details you provide in order to show what is going wrong, including what you have tried to fix it, then the faster I can help you to solve this problem.

Welcomed Commercial Advertising

Since my own suppliers like to send me their own commercial adverts, which are the only type that I can just about tolerate without wanting to shoot someone, then here is the only (and I mean ONLY) e-mail address that I permit you to do so...

The reason that I mention it here is for prospective suppliers to advertise to me as well, but this should only be related to items that I already sell, like with smartcards and programmers.

This e-mail address certainly does not welcome any unsolicited e-mail advertising, not related to items that I sell. So if you want to spam me, then yes I would really shoot you.

Management and Personal

Long ago I used to mention my private e-mail address here to be used by family, friends, and friendly customers. However, since this e-mail address became the first to receive over 100 spam messages per day, then I decided to close this address and to establish a new address that I now keep private.

That certainly kills all spam instantly, but this also means that if you desire to contact me in some personal sense, then so will you now have to ask me what this e-mail address is.

Remember to always visit this e-mail page.