Well here is my selection of Computer Cables, Adapters and Converters, which is basically anything that allows you to connect a computer to another device (including another computer).

This list started with my SERIAL cable, which for as long as I have been providing Programmers I have stocked, when after all they tend to be most useful for people using my Programmers.

Due to my BUILD5 Programmer model I decided to stock Printer cables as well, but due to customer requests for other cable types, then so does this page continue to expand. And that is one reason why I had to seperate these computer cables off into their own page, when even more cables will continue to be included.

Also if you are looking for something not yet listed here, then why not ask. When I have access to hundreds of items ex-stock, which I will only stock and list here when people ask for them.

USB to Serial (RS232) Converter

<USB to Serial
Adapter>This new version of the USB2SER I had to import all the way from Hong Kong just to be able to provide you with the most advanced, most functional, and well built adapter at the best market price. And if you could compare this to my old USB2SER model then this new model is better in just about every way.

To begin with this is a USB to Serial (RS232) converter supporting the USB 1.1 & 2.0 specification. This means that it supports a Fast USB data transfer rate of up to 1Mbps. Not to forget automatic handshake, remote wake-up and power management features. This device also meets ALL EIA-232 and ITU V2.8 specifications.

This model comes with a standard USB plug on one end and a 9-pin serial plug on the other end. This default connection would allow you to connect any 9-pin serial device to your USB port or hub. However, unlike similar models that you can find around this functional model will also arrive with a matching 9-pin to 25-pin serial adapter, meaning that both DB9 and DB25 serial devices are fully covered by this great model.

The appearance of this USB to Serial converter is also very good. The plug covers make use of a blue-green iMac like plastic, the serial finger screws come with good grips, the whole device has a very solid build, and best of all the lead makes use of reflective silver that makes this lead twinkle in the light. In case you are wondering the length of this device then that answer would be 130cm from USB tip to DB9 tip.

Now when it comes to how well this device functions then first I should say that this USB to Serial converter can be used under Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP/2003, Mac OS9.0/OSX and Linux. That makes it very well supported and where this model comes with a mini CD to allow for easy driver installation.

Installation is easy enough when first you install the USB to RS232 driver then you just plug in the converter to an available USB port including on your USB hub.

This model works with cellular phones, PDAs, digital cameras, modems, and ISDN terminal adapters. I also like to use this model with my SEASON3 logger/emulator and other devices. The length can even be extended using my SERIAL cables.

Windows based software will need to contact this USB serial port via the Windows serial port driver as required by the Windows specification.

If like me your new laptop computer came without a serial port then here is my own answer to both mine and your serial port shortage problem. This is an excellent and very functional USB to Serial port converter, where you can now see my great low price.

Ordering Code: USB2SER
Gross Weight: 151g
Includes: USB to Serial Converter, DB9 to DB25 adapter, and the driver CD.

Serial Cables

This 1.8 meter long serial cable is ideal for use in computer and other applications, such as with connection to my many Programmers. The exact cable type is a 9-pin D-Type Male to Female, with straight-through connections.

The only other thing to mention is that this is a very well made good quality serial cable, when with little price difference between them I always aim to stock a good quality type.

Anyone ordering any two of my applicable Programmers will receive one of these cables for FREE.

Ordering Code: SERIAL
Gross Weight: 241g

Printer Cables

These great looking printer cables I decided to stock for use with my BUILD5 programmer, but that does not mean that you cannot buy them for their default use, which is naturally for use with your printer.

Each parallel printer cable is 2 meters in length. And like all common printer cables they have a 25-Way D-Type connection (male) on one end, and then a 36-Way Centronics (male) connection on the other.

Apart from my usual great low price, the best thing about these cables are their funky colours. When if you suffer the usual jumble of cables behind your computer, then apart from being good to look at, with these cables at least you can now spot the printer one very easily.

Only problem is deciding on which colour you wish your new cable...

<Printer Cable>

Printer Cable - Red

Order Code: LPTR
Gross Weight: 250g

<Printer Cable>

Printer Cable - Green

Order Code: LPTG
Gross Weight: 250g

<Printer Cable>

Printer Cable - Blue

Order Code: LPTB
Gross Weight: 250g

Laplink Cables

This 3 meter long laplink cable is designed to connect between two computers in order to provide a simple and fast data connection between them. Therefore this cable has male 25-pin connections on each end, which should connect to the parallel printer port (eg LPT1) on both computers.

Using this cable on most computers allows for multi-user game play, but with a modern operating system you can share files and entire drives between computers.

And so if you wish to link two computers together without going to the much greater expense of a full local area network, then here is the most common and lowest cost method to do just that.

Ordering Code: LAPLINK
Gross Weight: 225g

Null Modem Cables

Now this 6 foot long (1.83 meters) Null Modem cable is commonly used to connect an external modem to a computer, or to join two computers together in order to share files or to play multi-player games.

However, since I first purchased my one of these very cables in order to connect my PC to my old Nokia 9602S digital satellite receiver (for firmware updates and station editing), then I am sure that possible uses for this cable type are vast.

Since there is quite a lot to this cable, then I decided to only show the end connections on my item scan, when this shows what is important about this cable.

What I mean is that as these null modem leads connect between serial ports (COM1: etc), then your average null modem cable is either 9-pin to 9-pin, 25-pin to 25-pin, or 9-pin to 25-pin. And since I have been using null modem cables for years, then this standard type I have always found restrictive, when it often meant disconnecting another device (like the mouse) in the process.

That is what is great about this type shown here, when as you can see from the photo both 9-pin and 25-pin Sub D-Type Female connectors are wired into both ends. What this means is that with this single cable the choice of using either the 9-pin or 25-pin connections are fully optional.

So this is really three cable types in one, when you can connect this cable to either of your serial ports.

Therefore whenever you need to make a null modem connection between two devices, then here I am sure is the perfect null modem cable for the task.

Ordering Code: NULLMDM
Gross Weight: 266g

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