Well these audio and video cables, adapters and convertors have now for the second time had to be moved to a new page due to the ever increasing number of these items that I support.

First time was that as my Video / Audio page was getting large, then I thought that it would be a good idea to put all the cables and connectors on a new page. And while I was about it, then why not include my computer cables as well, when these until now have been displayed as extras to my Programmers.

Unfortunately, due to the increase in the quantity of both item types that was not such a good idea after all, when now I have had to separate these Computer and Audio / Video cables into two separate pages. And I have a strong feeling that this will not be the last time that I will have to divide this page into two or more sections, when after all there are hundreds of possible cable types.

Now, before I begin, then if you are looking for something not yet listed here, then why not ask. When I have access to hundreds of items ex-stock, which I will only stock and include on this page when people ask for them.


These one meter long RG-59/U based coaxial cables with 'F' type gold plated plugs on each end are designed to be used with all my satellite devices that fit between the LNB and the receiver. This includes my Diplexers, DiSEqC Devices, Smart Switches and Tone Generators, but naturally most of these devices usually come with the required 'f' type leads.

However, for those devices that do not, then here is the perfect high quality cable for the task. Normally these cables would be used indoors, but they are fine for use outdoors as long as you protect any exposed connections, which is where my self-amalgamating tape (see the LNBs page) proves most useful.

Should you require longer f-leads than this 1 meter one, then just ask, when I can supply these cables in white or black up to the length of 10 meters ex-stock within a couple of days.

Still, since these 1 meter cables are perfect for most jobs, then here they are available for you to buy.

Ordering Code: FLEAD
Gross Weight: 56g

Scart to Phono/S-Video Adapters

This adapter is designed to both input and output signals from/to a Scart (Euroconnector) socket.

Input and Output is controlled via a simple clearly marked switch, which should be set depending on if you wish to output from the device or to receive a signal into it.

The connections on the other side of the adapter total three phono sockets and one 4pin mini-din socket.

All sockets on the device are both named and colour coded, which makes connection to any Scart socket both quick and easy. The red and white phono sockets are for left and right audio and the yellow phono socket is for the composite video. As to the 4-pin mini-din socket then that is of course for an S-Video connection.

Ordering Code: SPSA
Gross Weight: 43g

I am now stocking the Gold Plated version of my above nickel-plated SPSA model. The new ordering code for this new model is SPSAG, where naturally the additional G stands for Gold.

When I first came to offer this model I happened to stock it by accident. This happened when I came to reorder more of my above SPSA model and ordered this gold-plated version by mistake. Still, even had I not made that mistake back in 2002 then when I would have still ended up with this version in the end, when even later on my wholesaler sent me this SPSAG model by mistake twice in a row when I was trying to restock on the SPSA model. As this wholesaler billed me at the SPSA price for this more expensive version, then you can see why I just kept them. In the end you could say that this was the one model that insisted that I stock it.

Since this model does exactly the same as my normal SPSA model, then the important question must be related to the only difference of the gold plating. So do you need gold plating or not?

To answer that question then just look on the device that you aim to connect it to when if you do not have gold plating on these sockets and plugs as well then this gold plated version won't offer you any improvement at all. So unless you happen to like gold plating on the looks alone then you are better off buying the standard model.

Since you are welcome to read all the technical details on the above model then all you need to know now is my low price.

Ordering Code: SPSAG
Gross Weight: 43g

Phono Adapters

This 3-way phono adapter is ideally used to extend the length of a 3-Way phono lead, which is usually made up of Video plus Left and Right stereo audio. That explains the three colours of yellow, white and red that can be seen on the phono sockets of this adapter.

However, since all you need is one phono plug either side of one of these three sockets in order to use this adapter, then so can this adapter be used with all my following phono leads.

For example by using this adapter along with two of my PA10 audio cables would result in a very long stereo audio cable of 20 meters in length, where naturally the third Video socket would be unused in this configuration. And let us not forget that with a second adapter and a third PA10 cable, we would then have a 30 meter long cable run. And if you think that is long then just think what three of my 25 meter long PAV25 cables could achieve.

So whatever long cable run plans you have then here is the adapter you need in order to make your cable run as long as your desires.

Ordering Code: PA
Gross Weight: 13g

Video Phono Cables

These video phono cables are ideal for video connections, when they use RG59/U coaxial cable in order to provide a good quality connection and to avoid interference.

These cables are designed for composite video connections but you can use them for audio connections as well if desired.

Along with gold plated phono plugs on each end then you know that these are good quality cables at an excellent price.

Since this model comes in various lengths then here are those lengths and prices...

Ordering Code: PV1
Length: 1 meter
Gross Weight: 50g

Ordering Code: PV2
Length: 2 meters
Gross Weight: 70g

Ordering Code: PV5
Length: 5 meters
Gross Weight: 213g

Stereo Audio Phono Cables

These twin cables are recommended for all types of stereo audio application. They work by connecting left and right audio channels between two sets of phono sockets found on most video and audio devices.

Each cable has colour coded gold plated phone plugs on each end. Since these plugs include strain reliefs then these leads are ideal for those people who like to pull on them.

Following now are my supported lengths and prices...

Ordering Code: PA2
Length: 2 meters
Gross Weight: 65g

Ordering Code: PA10
Length: 10 meters
Gross Weight: 247g

Apart from the common stereo audio cable above I also stock some high quality cables for those people wishing to maximise audio transfer. These cables like all other items on this page I offer at an excellent price, when for example just look at how much Maplin's prices are for these exact same items.

The length of each of these thick twin cables is displayed in each description, when I now supply these high quality audio cables in the lengths of 1.5, 3 and 5 meters. Each cable has large left and right gold plated phono plug contacts, excellent colour coded gold plated grips and some interesting gold plated springy bits.

These USA made stereo audio cables make use of Oxygen Free Cable (OFC) to help ensure the best audio transfer possible.

Ordering Code: PAP
Length: 1.5 meter
Gross Weight: 161g

Ordering Code: PAP3
Length: 3 meters
Gross Weight: 288g

Ordering Code: PAP5
Length: 5 meters
Gross Weight: 464g

Video + Stereo Audio Phono Cables

These triple wire cables are for the transfer of both Composite Video and the Left and Right channels of Stereo Audio at the same time. On each end of these cables are three Phono Plugs, with the grips being colour coded in the usual colours Yellow, Red and White.

There is not much more to say about them except that they include strain reliefs for these people who like to pull on them.

Currently I only stock two out of the eight possible lengths of this cable type. These two lengths, as you can see below, are the 10 and 25 meter lengths. Should you require the other lengths of 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 15 meters then these can be supplied ex-stock given a couple of extra days.

Fortunately there is no greater length than the 25 meter long cable when that one can already stretch half way down your street (if it is a short street). Then again if you use the PA (Phono Adapter) with a few of these 25 meter long cables then you could create an extremely long cable run. So if you wish to create a Video and Stereo Audio link between your house and your nearby friend then there is the cable that can do just that.

Ordering Code: PAV10
Length: 10 meters
Gross Weight: 348g

Ordering Code: PAV25
Length: 25 meters
Gross Weight: 811g

3.5mm Stereo Jack Plug to 2 x Phono Plugs

Here is the very 2 meter long audio cable that I am currently using with my new laptop computer (along with an S-Video cable) when my new laptop computer has a 3.5mm Stereo Jack audio output but where my big TV has Stereo Phono inputs.

So by now stocking this new cable type this saves me having to borrow my brothers one, where he has been using his model to connect his own desktop computer to his own sound system.

There is not very much to say about this cable but here it is anyway.

On one end of this lead is a 3.5mm Stereo Jack plug, which is a common connection for headphones, microphones and line out connections. And on the other end are two Phono Plugs for left and right stereo audio, where these connections are commonly found on many different types of audio and video equipment.

This is certainly a good quality model when not only is Oxygen Free Cable (OFC) used to maximise the audio transfer but all three of these plugs are gold plated. Nice.

The last thing to say about this model is that the two Phono plugs are colour coded with Red and White, to indicate the left and right stereo audio channels, and where your audio equipment should be colour coded the same way.

Ordering Code: SJPPP
Length: 2 meters
Gross Weight: 113g

Scart to 3 x Phono Plug Cables

This two meter long cable is quite a simple one to describe, when on one end of this cable is a gold plated Scart Plug, then on the other end are three gold plated Phono Plugs.

As the colour coded phono plugs are also labeled (see the photo) to indicate Left and Right stereo audio, along with Composite Video, then the possible uses for this cable are vast. This includes connection between say a TV / Video and your Video Camera, or other devices like an A/V Receiver.

So if you happen to need phono stereo audio and composite video, in-to or from a scart socket, then this lead is perfect for the job.

Ordering Code: SLRV2
Length: 2 meters
Gross Weight: 246g

Scart to 6 x Phono Plug Cables

Now this one and a half meter long cable is quite an interesting one when it can do something that no other cable on this page can do.

Before I get to that aspect though I will explain what you see in the photo on the left (click on the photo to bring up the big version if desired) when on one end is a standard Scart plug and on the other end are six phono plugs that are labeled as follows...

Video Out (Pink)
Audio Out - Right (White)
Audio Out - Left (Yellow)
Video In (Black)
Audio In - Right (Red)
Audio In - Left (Blue)

What all these connections mean is that this cable is not unlike using my SPSA scart adapter along with the PV2 and PA2 cables, when if you need to send or receive Composite Video and Stereo Audio from a scart socket, then this lead is up to the job.

However, what this cable can do that no other phono cable on this page can achieve, is to both send and receive Composite Video and Stereo Audio into and from the same scart socket at the same time! For example if you used my PA (Phono Adapter) to connect the three output plugs to the three input plugs then what would come out of the scart socket would just loop around and go back into this same scart socket.

That while interesting is totally pointless, which helps to explain why all useful aspects of this cable involve putting some device between these output and input plugs.

For example imagine what would happen if my Macrovision Remover (MACROX) was used with this cable, when out of the scart socket would come the Macrovision protected Video, through the MACROX device it goes, where the Macrovision removed Video would go straight back in ready for viewing or recording. Since before now that has required two scart sockets, then you can see how this cable can prove very useful.

Again I have a wide selection of Video Converters. In this case you could output PAL, NTSC or Secam video from your scart socket and depending on the model used have the converted PAL, NTSC or Secam video go back in. And I am sure that there are plenty of other devices that you can connect this lead to beyond just my ones.

The only problem with this concept is that not every scart socket is suitable for this purpose, where for example those ones labeled 'TV' are output only sockets, which means that you won't be getting anything into them. On the other hand the perfect scart socket will be labeled either 'Decoder' or 'video', when for many years scart sockets have been designed with just this purpose in mind.

So in the end if you have a device with phono sockets needing connection to a scart socket then this lead is ideal for the job. Then of course if you need to modify the Composite Video or Stereo Audio from a scart socket and then feed the modified results back into this same socket then you need look no further.

Ordering Code: SPAVIO
Length: 1.5 meters
Gross Weight: 176g

S-Video Cables

Before I list my various S-Video cables let me first explain what S-Video is all about.

The first thing to be aware of is that many people, including suppliers and manufacturers, often incorrectly call these S-Video cables as S-VHS cables, but since S-VHS is actually a "video format" then this explains why I will stick to the correct name to describe this cable type. However, professional people actually have a second name for this cable, which just happens to be Y/C cables. This as I will now explain provides the professional with an immediate description of what the cables does.

To explain this second name then Y is the common letter to use if you wish to mention the "luminance" (black and white information of the video signal with sync) and C is the letter to use to mention the "chrominance" (colour information). And so when mentioning Y/C I am really saying that this cable carries the luminance and the chrominance, which as it turns out is all you need for colour video.

This now bring me to the false assumption that some new users have, when since these cables use 4-pin mini DIN connectors then you may wrongly assume that these four wires are for the luminance, chrominance, and then left and right stereo audio. This I can confirm is wrong, when these two remaining wires are actually used to ground the luminance and the chrominance. This means that those people trying to get sound out of these cables will just be wasting their time.

Now users of S-VHS equipment, which made these S-Video leads popular, should already know the answer of how to get the desired audio. For everyone else my Scart adapters (above) happen to highlight that answer, when the left and right stereo audio can simply be transferred using a Stereo Audio phono cable, like with my PA2 model (above). Or since digital sound is desired by many people these days then you can instead see my digital audio cables below.

Returning to this S-Video cables subject then the reason why the luminance and chrominance is transferred separately is simply to provide higher picture quality over the standard composite connection.

Many people would say that the scart RGB output provides higher quality still. This while true should not overlook the fact that many devices like video cameras and laptop computers do not have space for a scart or other RGB output. And Y/C video comes close to RGB quality levels in any case, but I can say that one Y/C video quality problem is actually due to some device's desire to convert this video to YUC video first.

One extra advantage of these S-Video cables over scart cables is that they are usually thinner and therefore are easier to lay if you have several meters to cover.

Now one critically important aspect that some people would overlook is that both your input and output devices MUST SUPPORT S-VHS. As trying to connect my S-Video cables between standard scart sockets (using my SPSA adapters of course) just won't work, when only specially labeled S-VHS sockets are up to the job. This means that you should check your equipment to find out if S-VHS input and output is supported. I at least know that I can use these cables when my TV's scart #2 socket supports S-VHS, but I instead prefer to use an S-Video cable to connect one of my S-VHS supporting laptops to the dedicated S-Video din socket on the front of my TV.

Since you should now know what these cables are all about then let me show you what models I can now supply. However, I would first like to point out what an excellent low price I have for both high and professional S-Video cables, which you can now see for yourself...

High Quality S-Video Cables

These "high quality" S-Video cables come with the standard 4-pin Mini DIN plugs on each end, which happens to be a common connection on all S-VHS equipment. However, these cables being the high quality version have these important connections gold plated, which protects against the negative characteristics of the nickel plated types.

Since there is little more to say about them then here are the available lengths and prices...

Ordering Code: SVID3
Length: 3 meters
Gross Weight: 107g

Ordering Code: SVID5
Length: 5 meters
Gross Weight: 179g

Ordering Code: SVID10
Length: 10 meters
Gross Weight: 320g

These High Quality S-Video Cables are also usually available ex-stock in the lengths of 2m, 15m and the very long 25m on request.

Professional Quality S-Video Cables

These "professional quality" S-Video cables like the high quality cables above also come with Gold Plated 4-pin Mini DIN plug connectors, but these cables do have the extra benefit of chrome plated grips in order to offer the extra advantages of both good taste and a firm connection fit.

It is however the OFC cable inner connections that provides the best feature, when Oxygen Free Copper cable offers both reduced noise and signal loss. This means that you will obtain professional quality Y/C S-Video transfer when using this cable type.

These cables also come what I call "retail packed" in a plastic display box, which I guess is nice by pointing out the wiring connections and advantages. Still, since all that empty spaces makes the extra packing and shipping cost a bit wasteful, then you can always ask me to ship without if desired.

Ordering Code: SVIDP2
Length: 2 meters
Gross Weight: 151g

Ordering Code: SVIDP5
Length: 5 meters
Gross Weight: 303g

TOS-Link Digital Optical Cables

If your latest equipment supports such features as Dolby Digital and DTS then in order to get the most out of your equipment you then need digital audio cables. And out of the several different types currently around the most highly recommended to offer the best possible transfer is certainly optical digital cables.

In fact as I happen to own a rather nice DD 5.1 speaker set-up myself then I would go as far as saying those not using this audio option on their latest equipment can be compared to becomming the mayor of crazyville.

Anyway, since both my DVD player and satellite receiver have digital audio output, then I for one am certain going to make the most from it, by feeding these digital outputs into my new A/V Receiver for processing, followed by straight out to my many speakers.

As to your own system then if your desired output and input devices both have an Optical Digital connection then that is the best digital audio port to currently use. If you have other digital ports like coaxial, then see my digital coaxial cables below, but hopefully your device does actually have matching digital ports.

I should point out that these optical digital cables transfer the audio only. These days we now even have cables to transfer a digital video single, but I have lots of analogue video cable above if you need them.

Following now are my latest TOS type cable models. I am please to say that these new models provide a better quality cable at a lower price than my previous TOS-Link type.

Apart from their greats looks and good quality fibre optic cable then what I most like about this new type are their end caps. What I mean is that with the usual type once the end caps are removed, then these tend to get easily lost. And since the end caps are to protect against dust and dirt getting inside the cable, which can block your digital signal, then it is good that these end caps will remain connected to the cable once you remove them. Take a look at the photo to see what I mean.

Anyway, here now are my great new models at some great prices...

Ordering Code: TOS1
Length: 1 meter
Gross Weight: 31g

Ordering Code: TOS2
Length: 2 meters
Gross Weight: 51g

Ordering Code: TOS4
Length: 4 meters
Gross Weight: 85g

Ordering Code: TOS6
Length: 6 meters
Gross Weight: 120g

Optical Fiber Extension Adapter

This very small adapter is used to simply join two digital optical cables, like those found above, into longer cable runs.

For example by using this adapter along with two of my TOS6 cables will result in a cable length of 12 meters, but I guess that you can always use a second one of these adapters and a third TOS6 cable if you want a really long 18 meter cable run. Useful if you wish to connect an optical cable between rooms or even your neighbours house if you are that crazy.

Using one of these adapters is very simple, when you just plug each of the two cables into either end of this adapter, followed by plugging the other two ends your cable into your desired equipment.

Ordering Code: OFEA
Gross Weight: 16g

Digital Coaxial Cables

Should your equipment support a Digital Coaxial connection then here is the cable type that you require. This connection is of course for Dolby Digital and DTS digital audio transfer where my analogue and digital video cables can be found elsewhere on this page.

You can often find a Digital Coaxial connection on DVD and CD Players, Hi-Fi, Amps and Receivers, Camcorders, and even on my own Echostar Satellite Receiver.

The thing to be aware of with Digital Coaxial cables is that just any coaxial cable won't do. This is because coaxial cables are quite good at picking up interference, but while this is not too important for analogue audio the problem with digital audio is that you can only handle some data errors before you end up with no sound at all.

So in an environment full of noisy equipment you need good shielding, which is why these 75 Ohm cables have just that with a double layer of shielding. And in order to ensure the best possible digital transfer these leads use UPOCC 99.997% Pure Copper Cable. The end connections are very nice too, when these are 24 carat hard Gold-Plated phono plugs. And these phono plugs won't be falling out on their own any time soon, when these deep connectors are oddly called a locking device.

Well if you are wanting to get the most out of your Digital Coaxial connections then these leads are designed for that very purpose. And now know what these leads are all about then I guess you will be wanting to know my prices...

Ordering Code: DCC1
Length: 1 meter
Gross Weight: 212g

Ordering Code: DCC5
Length: 5 meters
Gross Weight: 476g

HDMI Cables

As television technology enters a new high quality era then so is there a need for new connection cables. So if you happen to buy yourself some HDTV supporting equipment then here are the very cables to connect it all together.

To begin with then HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and is an all-digital video and audio interface capable of transmitting uncompressed streams. HDMI provides a connection between any compatible video/audio source, like with a satellite/cable/terrestrial receiver, HD-DVD and BluRay DVD players, suitable PCs, video game consoles and of course HDTV televisions.

These exact cables are 19-pin "Type A" plug to 19-pin "Type A" plug and are therefore the standard connection type. Well that is beyond the "Type A" plug to socket cable chaining and the "Type C" connector for mini-devices. These are high quality cables with gold-plated contacts that work perfectly to bring you high quality HDTV video and audio.

And last of all here are my prices...

Ordering Code: HDMI0
Length: 0.5 meter
Gross Weight: 59g

Ordering Code: HDMI2
Length: 2 meters
Gross Weight: 167g

As I am just starting to stock HDMI cables then please let me know if you require any other HDMI or DVI cable types or lengths, like for example I can provide the above type in various lengths up to 15 meters, but there are also lots of other models available. So just by letting me know what you need will not only provide it, with only a one day additional delay, but will also allow me to see the popular types to stock.

Scart Cables

If you are looking for great quality low cost Scart cables then now you have found them.

These are the type suitable for connecting between all types of video devices such as; satellite receivers, dvd players, video recorders, and televisions. Popular cables for use all over Europe which explains why they are also called Euroconnectors. And should you desire to know what SCART means then that is Syndicat des Constructeurs d'Appareils Radiorécepteurs et Téléviseurs, which highlights this is a French design.

Each one of these scart cable is 1.5 meters long and is the fully wired shielded type, along with good Gold Plated plugs on each end I should add. As I hate the budget type that often falls apart that can often come free with new equipment.

You can either buy them singularly or you can save money buy buying them in packs of three and five. And don't forget that these are the more expensive Gold Plated types which ensures a good video/audio transfer between equipment, which explains why I sometimes throw them away and use my own.

Ordering Code: SCART
Includes: 1 x 1.5 meter scart cable
Gross Weight: 163g

Ordering Code: SCART3
Includes: 3 x 1.5 meter scart cables
Gross Weight: 477g

Buy Three for the price of Two!

Ordering Code: SCART5
Includes: 5 x 1.5 meter scart cables
Gross Weight: 787g

Buy Five for the price of Three!

Scart Cables - Positive Locking

When I first saw a review of this brand new design of Scart cable then I already knew that one day I would be stocking them, where even if that took longer than expected, then I am very pleased to say that here they now are.

The great thing about these Scart cables is the Positive Locking feature. What this is all about is that on each plug of the scart cable are four metal lugs, where these you can just about see in the photo on the left, but I would recommend clicking on this photo in order to bring up the big version.

Now what these lugs are for is to provide a much firmer fit to the devices that you plug these cables into. The reason why this is desirable is that one problem with normal scart cables is that if you start moving your equipment about, even a little bit, then the scart cable can work itself lose, which is due to the weight of the end connection and the stiffness of the cable.

Since I happen to own many devices, like my satellite receiver and video recorder, then that is why after reading a review of this new scart type I immediately knew that these were cable that I simply must buy.

After all with the many devices that I own, then shifting one device can cause the normal scart cables to work lose or even to fall out, causing video and audio loss. Then even when you push the device back into place, then you are never sure if one or more came slightly lose in the process. And that means reaching your arm around the back and pushing on all the scart plugs to make sure that the are firmly in, which I happen to know is easier than it sounds.

Worst of all is if one has fallen out in this late stage, then trying to put this plug back into the socket, when you simply cannot see what you are doing, is near impossible. For that very reason I even once tried holding them in place with some tape, but of course that never lasted long.

Normal scart cables can therefore be quite a hassle, which is why a small change to the scart design to produce a very firm fit proved such a good idea, with the result being hassle free scart cables.

The way this works is that these lugs push against the edge of the scart socket when the plug is inserted, which creates the force to stop it moving. And due to the standard design of the scart socket, then these cables will work with every scart socket out there.

Now the advertising on these cables mention that they can take the full weight of the device such as a DVD player or Video Recorder. And my testing has shown this to be very much true, when I picked up one of my Receivers by this scart plug alone. In fact this same advertising shows a photo of a guy swinging a set top box around his head, which goes to highlight how strong these connections are. Still I would certainly not recommend trying that one at home, when I would not want for you to give your 'loved one' a concussion. :-]

I am sure that following this description you are now wondering how much force it takes to get them in and out of the sockets in the first place. In fact I was surprised to find out that apart from a firm push and pull it is not really that hard at all, where I soon discovered that this was due to these lugs having matching slots in the socket.

Moving on to the remaining details for this 1.5 meter long fully wired scart cable, then this is in fact quite high quality for a standard cable type. What I mean is that it has good shielding in a quite fat cable, where the end sockets also well built. This good quality design is no doubt due to the force that they have to handle, but if weight is an indication of quality then these would do well by weighing over 100g more than my above standard scart type.

Since I am often good at predictions, then I can certainly see this Positive Locking scart cable type one day fully replacing the normal scart cables. Still, until that day comes about, then you can now be one of the first people to own scart cables with all the hassle removed.

I would therefore recommend these positive locking scart cables to anyone who has shifted their equipmnt a bit only to suffer video and/or audio loss. In other words everyone. You do not need to let it happen again.

Ordering Code: SLOCK
Length: 1.5 meters
Gross Weight: 270g

Scart Cables - Positive Locking (High Quality)

When I first saw these Positive Locking scart lead types advertised by one of my wholesalers, then they actually had two different types to choose from. This was of course the more standard type displayed above and then this ever changing colour High Quality one.

I spent quite a long time trying to figure out what one of these two types it was that I should supply to my customers, when this High Quality one certainly cost more, but naturally it was worth the extra cost.

And so it came down to trying to figure out what one of these two my customers would most want to buy. Again after thinking about it for a long time, then I simply gave up and decided to stock both types and let my customers decide for themselves.

To begin with I would recommend reading the rival's description above when then you will see what Positive Locking is all about.

The first thing I should mention is why I called them "ever changing colour" above, when from the above photo you can see that the first version I stocked came in blue, but what you cannot see is that everytime I restocked the colour had changed. First they switched to black before changing once again to grey, where I can only hope that they have now settled down on grey.

The biggest difference between these two rival model, apart from the unusual colours this type comes in, are the only sections that are not blue/black/grey, which happens to be the Gold Plating on the scart plugs. Now I am not quite sure what it is (maybe the gold?), but this High Quality type seemed to provide a slightly firmer connection over the above type. Certainly not a big feature, but that does mean that they will take more force before it comes back out.

Again these High Quality Scart Cables supporting the Positive Locking feature are fully wired with good shielding, where I am sure that you will be very pleased with them.

Ordering Code: SPLOCK
Length: 1.5 meters
Gross Weight: 265g

Ordering Code: SPLOCK3
Length: 3 meters
Gross Weight: 480g

Ordering Code: SPLOCK5
Length: 5 meters
Gross Weight: 770g

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